My Message

Lurline’s Message

If you have been fortunate, you have known what it is to experience the blows of life and then to unburden your feelings in the safe presence of a friend or family member. It is a gift to experience this connection, and the release that comes with it. You are able to move through pain and hurt toward your intentions for happiness and well-being.

If this has not been your experience, particularly as a child, you may have decided among other things to believe that you have to keep things to yourself, or to believe that you need to avoid certain situations in which you feel vulnerable or to believe that you are different and that you will never really be happy.

You may have decided to believe any number of things which now interfere with your being successful in work or love or some other aspect of your life. Indeed, you recreate in the present the circumstances that confirm whatever belief in limitation you created at a tender age.

Now when you try to share the pain of this with a confidant you may feel frustrated, disappointed, confused, misled or betrayed. You think to yourself, “They don’t understand.” And you yourself have forgotten the belief you created. So you feel you could not have any responsibility in these experiences that seem to just happen to you. The beliefs serve as a filter that you act through without being aware of them.

My job as the psychotherapist/psychoanalyst is to create the safety for you to explore your feelings and beliefs in an accepting atmosphere. My training allows me to offer alternative viewpoints. As you allow yourself to experience your situation from these viewpoints, you begin to discover options you did not know you had. You feel understood and empowered. Life seems less complicated. Possibilities appear to you that you had not been aware of before. And you begin to feel lighter and more hopeful. You feel happier. You begin to explore your purpose, the intention for your life. Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you here?

My job develops more and more into one of inspiration and support for you to create your cherished goals. I become more of a coach and a guide as we tackle practical problems and as you make a life plan, short term and long term. Exciting? Yes! You begin to feel grateful as the shifts you have wanted to achieve take place. You feel expanded and more self-confident. Depression lifts. Anxiety is fleeting and you have learned effective ways of handling anything that comes up for you! You feel alive and happy!