“Thank you for helping me get through this. You have helped me find a small portion of my dignity and self value.”.

G. M.


“You are so kind and caring. I appreciate all your wonderful loving qualities. And your skills are off the charts!”

F. E.


“As I’ve been counting my blessings lately, I’ve seen how where I am – my awareness, happiness, integrity, relationship with the God of my understanding has evolved from the work you and I did together. Thank you so much for being who you are.”



“Thank you for your love, support, and exceptional skills! You are invaluable.”



“Lurline, you provided great help and solace to my wife. I believe that your frequent sessions with C. helped her to face the inevitable outcome of her cancer, and made her stronger in the process….

There is a quiet assurance in your manner and skills that helps people to face their realities without being pushed one way or another. You did not give her specific advice. Rather, you helped her figure this out on her own. When she decided to deny those procedures, I know that both you and I could and should not stand in her way. When some months later she did go quietly, peacefully, and with little pain, it was providential….

So Lurline, this is a belated but nevertheless fervent accolade to you for your role in the graceful, even elegant way C. moved on to her next assignment in the universe. Many blessings to you!”



“I am a relatively new therapist in private practice and have had the good fortune to consult with Lurline on an array of clinical issues. Never once does she skip a beat to help you with more than one suggestion and immediately understands the dynamics of the situation. She is generous with her knowledge, which is quite profound. She is kind, and when you are new to a subject, never makes you feel, ‘well, you should have known that.’ She is a jewel for the Sarasota-Bradenton area and I hope she continues to practice for many years to come, so patients’ suffering can be reduced and lives improved.”